Famous Healthy Green Juice Recipes

The most famous healthy green juice recipe has to be the Mean Green…

Joe Cross Mean Green Juice recipe. Discover the power of Green Juice.

If you watched Joe Cross’ Fat Sick and Nearly Dead documentary you’ll be familiar with his now famous healthy green juice recipe. Joe introduced the nutrition world to the Mean Green recipe.

The Mean Green is an amazing green juice dirnk. I’m a big fan. I highly recommend you add Joe’s recipe to your trove of juicing recipes.


Also, if you haven’t yet, watching Joe’s Fat Sick and Nearly Dead is a real eyeopener! Juicing turned his life around within 60 days.

The Benefits of Mean Green Juice are Startling

Health benefits are amazing. Once you start green juicing you’ll feel the effects almost immediately. His recipes are so beneficial they have been added into a bunch of diet plans.

If you are interested in one of those diet plans, I do have a free guide available giving you an easy start 7 day diet plan. Yep, that’s 7 amazing recipes.

7 Day Healthy Green Juice Recipes Diet Plan: One glass of green juice a day for 7 days

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Benefits of the Mean Green include:

Fits With Any Juicing Diet Plan
Works Great With Most Weight Loss Systems
Used By Itself As A Colon Cleanse
Fast, Easy, But Gentle Detox
Starts Boosting Energy From The 1st Glass

You can get all these healthy benefits plus more from just one glass a day, which I highly recommend as an everyday part of your routine.

The Mean Green Recipe

The recipe is a synergistic mix of Kale, Cucumber, Apples, Ginger, Lemon, and Celery

The specific combination of ingredients in this juice result in a very healthful synergy, which boosts energy and skyrockets vitality.

The vitamin C you get from the apples or lemons plus the holistic iron source from kale, infuses your body with much needed nutrients.

Beyond the benefits you obtain from the increased intake of natural sourced vitamins and minerals, the phytonutrients, which are locked inside each ingredient, yields additional goodness.

Depending on your particular dietary deficiencies, you will notice corresponding improvements in the way you feel.

Yes, there’s scientific research data to back up the benefits juicing greens provides to your body.

For example, one recent study revealed that those who drank fresh vegetable juice, which includes Kale, when compared to store bought or commercially processed veggie juice, significantly lowered total bad cholesterol levels, in as little as four weeks.

Green juice was found to enhance our body’s ability to absorb nutrients bound inside insoluble veggie and fruit fibers. That is, by the way, the main point to juicing. Juicing releases valuable nutrients locked up inside veggies’ and fruit’s insoluble fibers.

From a weight loss perspective, these essential nutrients released from inside insoluble fibers are important because they are beneficial for controlling hunger and managing blood sugar levels.

But… at a more fundamental level, those nutrients are one of a handful of substances making up the entire building blocks of our whole body.

Juicing embodies the Whole30, Clean Eating, and Eating Green, and Plant-Based diets, meaning juicing is a healthy addition to any balanced diet because juicing greens or any other veggies or fruits provides you with the opportunity to ingest your needed vital nutrients that otherwise stay locked up in the their fibers.

So what are you waiting for? Start enjoying all the healthy benefits juicing provides.

We’ll That’s A Wrap

But… before you Go!

I want to remind you about my free guide available giving you the almost perfect easy start 7 day diet plan. It comes as a downloadable PDF. You get 7 amazing healthful recipes. Enjoy the free download!

7 Day Healthy Green Juice Recipes Diet Plan: One glass of green juice a day for 7 days

Download your copy

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