My Favorite Green Juice Recipe using 3 Ingredients


I’ve posted this video from John. He is big on the Omega VSJ843 juicer…

He shares with us his favorite healthy green juice recipe. Along the way he talks about some really important, must know ideas about choosing, mixing, and juicing the right veggies.

I highly recommend you watching this video all the way through.

He definitely goes beyond the basics, diving into the good stuff.

John uses only 3 ingredients and he makes his juice in a cold press juicer.

In this video, John shows how to make delicious green juice using just the minimal amount of ingredients.

He also lets you know about which vertical single-auger slow juicers currently are the best products on the market.

And… if you have ever considered using a vertical cold press juicer, he’ll demonstrate the proper technique for juicing with them.

It might be interesting to compare John’s healthy green juice recipe with the Joe Cross mean green juice recipe?

Super Food Spinach Green Juice

The main ingredient John shares in his 3 ingredient green juice is spinach.

Spinach is a leafy green vegetable getting even more popular than it has already has been for years. Because it’s super high in iron. It has a ton of other nutrients for our body, and will help keep your energy levels from
doing a major crash right smack in the middle of your day.

And besides iron, I want to mention spinach is also a super duper source of calcium easily processed by your body.

Spinach means stronger and healthier bones!

As a bonus I wanted to add this second 3 ingredient juice recipe for you.


1 cup of spinach

1 small sweet potato

1 decent sized apple.

Juice these three together for another great morning drink that besides energizing you, will help protect you from spikes or crashed in your blood sugar levels.

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